ooo what to do with the hair

ooo what to do with the hair


i have been thinking about hairstlyes lately. i am not really sure how to wear my hair in my brothers wedding so just thought i would look around for some ideas.  these are all so pretty!

{row 1} ben blood, one love photo, tec petaja, in style weddings, sara gabriel hairpiece  {row 2} jonas peterson, studio capobianca, kate murphy, ben blood, berit bizjak  {row 3} elisa cicinelli, chris bickford, red ribbon studio, laura negri, karen zieff photography

new slings in town

new slings in town


We received a new shipment of Serena and Lily market slings at Lily today!  Emo is modeling the peacock sling for us….

These slings are 100% organic cotton* with a super-soft brushed interior that is gentle against baby’s delicate skin. The simplified design  is snug, sleek and easy to wear.

Sling size is more about torso length than height. To be exact, measure your hip-shoulder circumference using a measuring tape. Put the measuring tape over one shoulder, and join the ends together on the opposite hip, about 1″ above your hip bone, like a beauty pageant sash.


And the best part is they are machine washable!

Colors available: Peacock and Grass/Marigold

Sling retails for $128