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these books of art – created by isaac salazar offer inspiration and ideas for the weekend.

with valentine’s day over (until next year) we’re sure there are some new brides-to-be out there searching for inspiration as the planning process starts for the big day.  lucky for you, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite things…enjoy.

anthropologie’s new wedding line (swoon) bhldn offers vintage appeal with modern tailoring and style we all love.

it’s all in the details: small customizations like this blooming initial really personalize your day.

more wedding gowns we can’t get enough of?  vera wang’s white collection…breathtaking.

pretty peonies: a classic that can be updated to fit your style.

spoil your bridesmaids (or yourself) with special treats like champagne truffles (photo)

turn those blues in to a good thing!  stop by lily and company for a capri blue candle in enticing scents (peeled navel orange, aloha orchid, and volcano) to take your mind of that wednesday hump…

on the final day of the long weekend…

…or come visit us at lily and company!

feeling the midwinter blahs and in need of a swift kick? let these candid words of wisdom provide you with some motivation and a little vitality this weekend.

{image courtesy of altruism in the morning & smashing magazine}



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having a wobbly week and it’s only wednesday? may these whimsical words help keep you steady, and hold you strong til friday.

{image courtesy of altruism in the morning}


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