It’s time for a…. S A L E!

It’s time for a…. S A L E!

We need to make space for our Spring inventory, please come help us make room!



photo courtesy of my friend james diggle 


20 % off items at bloom…  All Soap and Paper Products,  Binth Baby Book, Skout Pillows, Simrin Napkins and Placemats, Handmade Felted Purses

50 % off all sorts of fun stuff at Lily and Co…  Everything from stamps and stationary to pajamas and candles.

30% off children’s winter clothing at Lily…includes brands such as Bla Bla, Toni Tierney, Albert, Petit Bateau, Kate Quinn and more.

50% off all fall and winter children’s shoes at Lily

There are some really great deals to be had! Stop by both stores and check it out!


For the modern tot

For the modern tot

Time to update your child’s bedroom look? Boodalee creates modern fun graphics for children with bedding and wall graphics! It’s an awesome way to give some personality to your child’s bedroom.  The bold graphics can create a look of their own in a simple bedroom.

 boodalee bedding

The bedding is 250 thread count and 100% combed cotton. You can purchase the twin sheets seperately or together with the duvet cover and sham.

Duvet: 86″ x 68″
Sham: 20″ x 24″ (w/2″ flange)
Fitted: 75″ x 39″ x 15″
Flat: 106″ x 66″

boodalee bedding

 Other cool Boodalee products available…

bodalee pillows

Fun pillows! These reversable pillows can complete your bodalee bedding or could accentuate your child’s exsisting bedding.  They are just neat pillows to have around!

wall sticker         wall sticker   

Take the stickers to the walls!   You can use your imagination and decorate your walls with these stickers wherever you like! These wall graphics are one-time use, peelable, but not re-stickable.

Stop by bloom and check out Boodalee!

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

baby blossumMrs.Meyers Clean Day

We have introduced Mrs.Meyers baby products to our collection of Mrs.Meyers Clean Day at Lily and Co.  Mrs. Meyers produces environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products for home and body.  Chemically free and naturally dervied, these products provide a refreshing feeling of “just being clean”.

All of these scents have an individual aromatherapeutic fragrance.  They all smell wonderful and really get the job done! The products are also an affordable way to clean your home.


Fragrances Available: Geranium, Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Basil and Baby Blossom

Each product line has certain items avaiable. 

Products available for clean day include: Dish Soap, Countertop Spray, Liquid Hand Soap, Hand Lotion, All-Purpose Cleaner, Surface Scrub, Fabric Softner, Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets, Room Freshner (geranium only) and Stainless Steel Spray (geranium only) and Candles.

Products available for baby line include: Hand Lotion, Liquid Hand Soap, Surface Spray, Stain Remover and Surface Wipes.

Reduce and Reuse!

Reduce and Reuse!


Blue Q bags are awesome for the environmentally aware shopper!  These large funky bags are a carry-all for everything and are durable enough for your groceries.  It is also a great basic bag to replace the plastic bags you have stuffed away under your kitchen sink.  They make great gifts too!


Quick Facts:

  • Tough, utilitarian construction made from 95% recycled material, the highest percentage of any woven polypropylene bag on the market today–they are made from usedwater bottles!
  • These bags are recyclable when they reach the end of their fabulous life.
  • 1% of the sales of this product benefit the Nature Conservatory.  Flotsam and Jetsam Shopper



Come in to Lily and Company and find the bag right for you!

Tote retails for $14.50.

Modern Romance

Modern Romance


The Soap and Paper Factory is a unique company that produces “hand made products for the home and body”.  They combine natural and handmade elements with beautiful scents that are not overpowering to create gorgeous products!  So much detail goes into creating each item making each product unique. 

img_1908 The company definitely keeps the environment in mind.  They use everything from recycled papers to reusable Italian glass for the candles, they even encourage you to reuse the pretty product boxes for your odds and ends storage.  

These products look as nice as they smell!

Scents available: Green Tea, Orange Blossom, and Rosewood

Products available: Beeswax Candle, Stationary Collections, Scented Drawer Paper, Soap Bars, Body Cream, Body Scrub, Fizzing Bath Powder

Soap and Paper is available for purchase at bloom.

FEED bag = 1 child fed in school for 1 year

FEED bag = 1 child fed in school for 1 year

FEED bagWe have started to carry FEED bags at our new store bloom.  These bags are to help raise awareness and funds for child hunger.  They are made from burlap and 100% organic cotton which makes them machine-washable.  It’s also reversable for when you keep forgetting to throw it in the wash!

It’s a simple concept. 1 bag=1 fed child.  When you purchase one of these bags your money will go towards feeding a hungry child for an entire school year through the U.N.World Food Program.

Tote retails for $65.

Make your valentines blush!

Make your valentines blush!



a fresh mix from the following…

valentines day menu

the bloom

designer’s choice.

 hyacinths, tulips, double anemones, ranunculus and roses

45.00 and up


the modern

an eclectic mix from the following

safari sunset, calla lilies, dahlias, macara orchids and roses

55.00 and up


the desired dozen

a full mix of roses, safari sunset and fresh greens

75.00/dozen loose

95.00/dozen wood box or vase

45.00/ ½ dozen loose

55.00/ ½ dozen wood box or vase


the farmers market

hand tied bouquet of sunflowers, fresh kale, artichokes and berries

(roses can be added for 5.50/stem)

45.00 and up


the custom

you tell us what you would like

35.00 and up


delivery starts at 5.00


please call 733.3112 or 732.2211 for orders

visit for pictures