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Once again time for a new slate. Time to think about resolutions and goals to make this year a better one than the last. Good luck to all those who actually give it a try!  Eat your black-eyed beans!

No seriously, have a safe and fun new years and good luck with your resolutions!!! (the blog will be back in action on Monday)

see you after the holiday! merry christmas!

we recieved a new shipment of pinecone hill flannel pajamas today.  just in time to go under the tree!

winter brings a new season of style for weddings!!!

{row 1} roundtree flowers, james christianson, hatch creative studio {row 2} hcs {row 3}carol masica, james christianson, beautiful blooms, hcs

Omg, a SUN JAR!!!  It literally stores sunlight!  All you do is leave it outside in the sun during the day, then, with some mysterious combination of solar panels and technology, it glows on its own at night.  The sandblasted glass is just a gorgeous added bonus to such a genius idea.

not sure what to do with some of the old items found in the garage or grandmas attic?  this fabulous book provides inspiration for those who like to decorate with an eclectic eye.  it shows you potential ways of using rescued items and seeing the beauty in chipped paint and all things rustic. 

a great photo book for someone looking for inspiration! we have a few books left at lily for those still checking off names on the xmas list!

via coco and kelley

yeah christmas is on its way!!! hope everyone has a fun weekend decorating their tree if they haven’t already!

this is a fun idea from living etc.

lia and mark are a knot pick! check out the photos and credits on the knot’s website.


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