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So this one may take a little more work, but the idea is great!  These are just stamps people have collected and mix n’matched to their liking for invitation postage.   The stamp will have the same face value as printed back in the day, hence the amount on one card, but you need to make sure the stamps are unused before purchasing.  Ebay , Champion Stamp and Kenmore Stamp Co. would be 3 great places to start looking! 

Key words: face value vintage stamps


we have decided to go ahead and join our friends on facebook.   you can find us by simply entering lily and company into the search box.  it should be a fun way to check out another side of how things operate at lily!



a few weekends ago sarajane treated us to a fabulous summer party! we were pampered at the 4 seasons and then treated to a yummy sushi dinner.  i just wanted to say thanks again to sarajane on behalf of the lilygals for taking us out! we had a great time!

summer party

balsam root by mbt_photos.

hope everyone has a nice weekend!  we have 3 weddings this weekend!!! lots of new photos next week!


How cool are these personalized boutonnieres!?

Fritz Rosenow via 100 layer

funky bouquets1

My inspiration for this blog came from the artichoke bouquet.  I have never seen anything like it but for some reason I think its fabulous! 

funky bouquets2

top {row 1} photos 1 and 3 ink and peat, photo 2 hatch creative studio  bottom{row 1}photos 1 and 3 ink and peat, photo 2 victoria with roses via snippet and ink, photo 4 sorry no clue found it on computer! {row 2}ink and peat, snippet and ink, ?, snippet and ink real wedding via anna kuperbeg

favorite favors

Great favor ideas from OnceWed.

june 19th weekend

Emily hard at work, cutting and cleaning the flowers for the wedding.

june 19th weekend2

We battled a crazy storm while setting up for the wedding on Saturday.  The tent walls were not having it, so Chloe had to hold ’em down while the wind took over for awhile! But everything turned out beautiful at the end of it all.

june 19th weekend1

These are just some more pretty arrangements from other events this weekend.

june 19th weekend3

fathers day


A fun new shipment of Funktion has arrived at Lily. Adult and kids aprons, dishtowels, tableclothes and bags available!


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