the 3/50 project

the 3/50 project

A fantastic concept! The idea behind the 3/50 project is to promote local retail buying.  Just by spending up to $50 a month, you can help out your community buy keeping your money local. Check out the 3/50 project for more details!

Jackson being the small town that it is, we are all guilty of internet shopping.  We should all shop as locally as possible though so we don’t see our favorite shops disappear! Just something to think about.


{lilygals} weekend inspiration: WINDOW BOX

{lilygals} weekend inspiration: WINDOW BOX

window boxYou can build your own window box over the weekend. It just requires a few tools, some patience, and some beginner woodworking skills.  It’s a great way to add color and detail to your home’s exterior! 

Tools and Materials needed:

  • measuring rule
  • carpenters’ square
  • handsaw or power saw
  • power drill with 11/64-inch, 1/2-inch, and carbide-tipped bits
  • screwdriver
  • hammer
  • 1 × 2 and 1 × 8, 1 × 10, or 1 × 12 redwood or cedar stock(recommend lumber due to its rot-resistantance.)
  • resorcinol glue
  • #8 × 1 1/4-inch brass or stainless steel flathead wood screws
  • 6-penny brass or stainless steel finishing nails
  • heavy-duty shelf brackets
  • #8 × 2-inch brass or stainless steel flathead screws, or 2-inch lag screws with lead masonry anchors 


    Visit here for complete instructions. Have fun!