Delivery Available Monday – Saturday

Arrangements start @ $30 plus delivery charge

Delivery Prices Listed Below:

Town Square No Charge

In Town $5

South of Town :includes Melody Ranch: $7.50

Wilson $7.50  +additional for Fall Creek Rd.

Teton Village $12.50

North of Town $12.50

Hoback/Moose $25.00

Kelly $15.00


2 thoughts on “Delivery

  1. Is there anywhere on the site to see arrangements, and/or order online?

  2. hi brienne,
    we do not have a “go to” page for out arrangements but if you select the floral category under categories on the left side of the screen you can scroll thru to see everyday arrangements. thats a great idea though for me to work on! we also do not have online ordering….you can call us at the shop and we can help you with whatever you mihgt need over the phone. we only deliver locally too(just in case that was your next question)

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