Plant Care

Here is a go to care instruction page for the various plants we sell at the shop. 

Ivy:  Let soil approach dryness between watering. Do not let roots sit in water. Bright, indirect light. Indoor temperature 40- 80F.

Angel Vine: Keep soil evenly moist. Prune regularly to retain shape. Bright, indirect light. Indoor temperature 40-80 F.



Euonymous Plant: Water thoroughly, allowing soil to dry slightly between waterings. Low to bright indirect light. Indoor temperature 40-80F.







phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant: Orchids need humidity of 50%. The ideal night temperature is 62 to 65 degrees F. and daytime temperature range of 70 to 80 degrees. They should only be watered every 4-7 days, and allowed to dry between watering.  Also water in the morning which ensures complete water evaporation by nightfall.  Phalaenopsis do not require too much light to grow well. If grown in a windowsill, an east exposure proves to be the best. One must take care, though, not to burn the plant by allowing too much sunlight to shine directly on the plant. It is best to provide some shade, such as a sheer curtain, allowing perhaps a little more light to hit the plants from the beginning of December through the middle of February.

Phalaenopsis are one of the longest blooming orchid genera producing flowers that last from 2 to 6 months before dropping. Phalaenopsis have also been known to bloom 2 to 3 times per year once they have reached a mature size. After it has flowered the first time, cut the stem just below the node where the first flower bloomed. From the top node a new flower stem should emerge within 2 months. If there is no response or the flower spike turns brown, cut it off near the base of the plant where it emerged.


Succulents: A succulent is generally considered to be any plant which has the natural ability to store water in its body or roots. Allow plants to dry thoroughly between waterings. They prefer bright light and warmth, but will tolerate most household conditions


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