Lily and Co. was created to offer shoppers a fresh and unique place to shop for flowers and gifts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   


We are aware that flowers communicate emotions and say everything from “i love you,” to “i’m sorry,” to “thank you.”  We’ve thrown rice at weddings, visited friends in the hospital, and picked family up from the airport.  We are familiar with the powerful language of flowers.


Lily and Co. attracts shoppers with style.  Charming gals stock up on vintage inspired kitchen and home accessories.  New parents search for the latest essentials for babies along with “cant live without it” clothing and accessories.  Clever dinner-party guests assemble creative gifts to present to their hostesses.  Romantic boyfriends are occasionally known to wander in looking for the perfect I-was-just-thinking-about-you-gift, although most of them come in knowing they can find the perfect I’m-sorry-please-don’t-hate-me-gift. 



Lily & Co.  offers the latest in fashion finds for your home, children, flowers and everyday gift giving.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lily girls, first of all I’m sorry for posting this, but I couldn’t find an email me button so I wanted to get this to you as soon as possible. 🙂
    First of all let me say your shop looks so charming, I wish I could come visit it! I am the publishing assistant at flower magazine and I am trying to find websites and blogs specifically that I think we would fit in with. Would you be willing to list our website as a favorite link or as a go-to for brides and entertainment on your blog? Please check out our website and let me know if this is a possibility. Any feedback from you would be appreciated! I first found out about our magazine online when I was looking for ideas and hints on what kind of florals I would like in my wedding & I thought maybe this could help your readers as well.

    We are hoping to start a blog soon and are very excited to meet people like you who have blogs as pretty and entertaining as what we hope to achieve!

    Also, if you guys would be interested in selling our magazine in your store I think that could be a perfect fit as well, looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    Here is a brief description:
    – flower is the nation’s only floral lifestyle magazine.

    – flower magazine all about flowers and the people who love them!

    – The magazine’s pages are full of flower stories ranging from your backyard to exotic locales and everywhere in between.

    – Featured stories include flower shows, floral designers, how-to’s, events, vases and vessels, weddings, gardens, and even floral fashion and home décor.

    Thanks again for your time,

    Heather Brown


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  3. i recently visited jackson hole for my first time..
    your store was one of my favorties! so glad i’ve found your blog!

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