flower power

flower power

as most of you know, winter in jackson hole can be a little…mm…difficult at times.  the hassle of snow tires, shoveling out multiple fresh feet of snow at least once a week, frozen pipes, dangerous icicle daggers, the list goes on.  regardless of the negative temperatures and daily fleece layering rituals, we love it.  the fresh chilled air, the powder (!!), the mountain fun, the snow angels, the scenery…it makes it all worth it.  completely.

what does, however, become a bit tiresome is the availability, influx, and status of our flowers.  our flowers are our joy, our pride, our responsibility, and when they freeze en route to jackson, we feel just awful.  luckily, we received an absolutely gorgeous shipment today from sunny los angeles and *wow…whew* they are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

note :: not all of these flowers are currently at lily, but rather a sampling…call about availability for a weekend bouquet!


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