christmas at the lil’

christmas at the lil’

the other evening we had our holiday dinner at osteria in the village (delicious!)…

…and I decided to write a little ditty : )

‘twas the days before open house, when all through the shop,

the lily gals were rushing to finish the restock.

new shelving units were hung on the walls with great care,

in hopes that shoppers could easily access them there.

the bedhead jammies were nested all snug in a tub,

which would have to do for today, we said with a shrug.

and sarajane with her ideas, and ben with his tools,

creatively pieced together units, including an old desk from a school,

when up from the front there arose such a clatter,

several mercury glass ornaments had crashed and then shattered!

away to the broom we flew like a flash,

while knocking over vases to the floor with a smash.

another day in the chaos of lily we said with a sigh,

but how cute for shoppers to browse and then buy?


brew pub pizza we cherished as it nourished our souls,

and cold beers helped to erase the day’s toll.

we must power through and find a place for each thing,

and power we did as the ipod continued to sing.

with tutus strung up and moses baskets lifted,

with blabla and loraline and pixie lily shifted,

we continued to piece together the store,

in hope that the renovation would be adorable.


our stock is so darling, so fun, and so cute,

oilily! voluspa! k.hall and more loot!

like morgan and milo, and caro designs,

chartreuse, toms shoes, and the barefoot line!

not to mention the wrapping, which is so very sweet,

with twine, muslin, burlap, and ribbons for weeks!


with paperwhite bulbs, calla lilies, and berries,

with amaryllis, hydrangea, ilex, and rosemary,

we create gorgeous flowers throughout the day,

and please don’t freeze our deliveries we pray,

to esprit, red mountain, ian, and dave,

once frozen they are rather hard to try and save.


then there are the wreaths; so many, so vast,

but what fabulous gifts as they’ll last and they’ll last?

magnolia, evergreen, and boxwood wreaths,

we’re up to our knees, they’re piled up so deep!

deliveries galore for the generous judy,

(and speaking of generous, the clothes for little ruby!)


and I speak for myself and also for jaye,

when I say that at lily there is never a dull day,

but how we adore it, the fun we all have,

the creativity, the love, and all of the laughs.


so hear me exclaim over delicious dinner and wine,

merry christmas to all, and what a fun time!


have a fabulous weekend full of holiday cheer!

{image: cody foster christmas home – available at lily and co.}


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