paperwhite bulbs have arrived!

paperwhite bulbs have arrived!

here are some tips on how to pot, propagate and prolong the life of your paperwhites!

you can begin to force your paperwhite bulbs anytime between october and january, which will give you plenty of opportunities for lots of blooms.  be sure to store any extra bulps in a paper bag, in a cool, dry spot.  to pot them, any kind of glass container will do, as long as there is a good layer of pebbles or river rocks to create good drainage.  place the bulbs inside, roots face down.  add water to the level of the rocks inside, and maintain that level throughout the life cycle of your bulbs. you should see blooms in approximately 4-6 weeks!

stop in today to pick up your paperwhites.  we will be happy to pot them up for you, or take them home for a fun holiday project!

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pre-order holiday wreaths

pre-order holiday wreaths

lily & co. offers a wide array of seasonal holiday wreaths in assorted sizes shapes, and varieties.

give us a call today to place your order!

{images & prices in order from left to right}

solid magnolia wreath

18″   $58.00

24″   $78.00

30″  $120.00

magnolia & evergreen wreath

18″   $58.00

24″   $85.00

30″   $128.00

mixed evergreen wreath with pinecones

20″   $32.50

24″   $38.50

28″   $45.00

34″   $58.00

calling all kiddos!

calling all kiddos!

hip from holland puzzles & playhouses have arrived!

drop in today at Lily & Co.  to brighten your little one’s world during these bleak winter days, when the sun won’t shine and the snow won’t fall!

{images clockwise from left to right: totem cardboard figurines, totem cardboard mobile home white & red, totem cardboard mobile home blue, totem 3-d tree puzzle, totem cardboard casa cabana}