creative centerpieces

creative centerpieces

Here at Lily & Co., we’re all about the fresh flowers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate (and downright adore!) these flower (and fuss) free fall centerpieces…

A quick trip to the local market can score perfect pieces to spice up a simple table.  Informal arrangements of kumquats, squash, peppers, baby pumpkins, carrots, persimmons (the list goes on…be creative!) add a rustic and earthy feel.

Hollow out dried gourds and fill them high with pears and walnuts or nestle wreaths, nuts, and cones of various sizes on a double-decker cake stand for stylish (and sustainable) solutions to empty tabletops.

More subdued than the classic fall palette, metallic paints add a little glam to gourds and scattered candles up the ambiance (especially when wrapped in twine, leather, or velvet ribbon!)

{top row: once wed, martha stewart}

{bottom row: country living, apartment therapy, martha stewart, delish}


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