signing off~

signing off~

well ladies and gents the time has come~ today is my last post for lily and co.  have no fear though the blog is being left in the hands of some great gals who will keep you in the know!!! i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who tossed a nice compliment my way about the blog. its been a great learning experience and the exposure to the “blogging world” has been overwhelmingly awesome!


:: courtney ::

{row 1} mary ruffle, elizabeth messina design, everything fab, ?, max wangner photography, ?, ?,? {row 2} french essence, te chichi catalog, ?, hey gorgeous,via oh joy, feather love photography,? {row 3} via ffffound, hitchcok blonde, via pink wallpaper, via oh joy, everything fab, ?,?, a glamorous little side project {row 4} ada and darcy, , ?,?, renee anne, polly wreford, house to home


3 thoughts on “signing off~

  1. You’ve done a great job Courtney! I always love all your collages 🙂 Are you leaving Lily & Co or just the blog?

  2. hey brandi!
    i am actually leaving lily and company. its very sad but at the same time i am really excited to start devoting more time to my drawings and creating. i am going to take a little break from everything and then will return to jackson in about a month.
    i am also going to spend some more time on my personal blog so i can show everyone whats going on with my drawings and such. thanks for coming into the shop and introducing yourself. i love knowing all the local artists!
    see ya around i hope!

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