where to plant a paperwhite

where to plant a paperwhite

design sponge

Anything will do!  You’ll want to spread a good layer of gravel down, rest the bulb root side down on top of it, and then cover up just the very bottom of the bulbs with gravel as well. Choose a container that’s large enough for the bulb to breathe and develop a root system; you’ll want to leave about ½ inch between the bulb and the edge of the vase. The idea is that the gravel will provide a sturdy foundation for the roots as the stalks grow in the following weeks. Just add enough water to touch the bottom of the bulb. Make sure to keep the level consistent, the roots dry up quickly and a submersed bulb will rot.

we also like to stick branches in our paperwhites when they start getting too “leggy” and flop over.


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